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  • Biocatalysts

    your enzymes immobilized and protected to make them process-ready

    Model 3
  • Industrial Solutions

    enzyme embedment in industrial solutions: flow-through columns and cartridges, fluidized-bed reactors, membrane reactors, microplates, etc.

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  • Affordable, Flexible, and Safe

    strongly enhanced enzyme activity, multiple enzymes; nontoxic solid support and protection layer

    Model 3

At a glance

Biomaterials with strong added-­‐value

You need your enzyme to operate in harsh conditions, or in continuous processes? With its proprietary technology, INOFEA provides the adequate answer.

We can immobilize your enzymes on silica particles, protect them against harsh conditions (pH, T, solvents, debris, etc.) and embed these process-ready enzymes in industrial solutions.


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