We have developed enzzen©, a patented platform technology capable to fit enzymes to in vivo and process conditions.

Direct sales of empowered enzymes

Empower your own enzymes

We’ve created INOFEA from the desire to meet a critical need related to enzyme lack of stability and robustness: the possibility to provide enzymes with resistance to in vivo and process conditions, so that they could be fully deployed in the health industry.
Unlike other existing technologies, our innovative nanotechnology platform is capable of shielding sensitive enzymes and has positively demonstrated substantial benefits to customers in a number of health industry applications.


Dr. Regina Bürgi has joined INOFEA AG as Technical Sales Representative


We are pleased to welcome Dr. Regina Bürgi as Technical Sales Representative. Regina started July 16, 2018 and is looking back to around 30 years of working experience in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
After completion of the university career with a PhD in natural Science, Regina worked in various marketing and product management positions. Regina is responsible now within INOFEA to develop a marketing concept and to grow sales in one of the strategic market segments.
We are very happy that Regina with all her experience joined our team and send her a warm welcome.